THEATRE PRODUCTION: AgainstTHEGRAIN presents “Mr Dumpling” – a new twisted comedy by Mark Newman

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When middle-aged Graham moves back in with his dysfunctional parents after splitting up with his partner, little does he expect to find his mother operating a telephone sex line, and both of them at each other’s throats. So, three weeks later, when he finds himself ‘assisting the Police with their inquiries’ into their disappearance, just how much should he tell them? Should he mention what his Dad asked him to help with? Exactly what is buried under his mother’s prize-winning rhododendron? And who the hell is Mr Dumpling?

This latest play by Mark Newman is outrageous and hilarious in equal measure and combines compelling, entertaining dialogue and memorable characters to promise a hugely enjoyable night out.  Though perhaps not one you’d want to bring the kids to…

Contains swearing and sexual references.

£10 ADV / £12 OTD