Filthy Tricks

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Filthy Tricks are a hard hitting 5 piece indie rock and roll band from the beating industrial heart of Warrington. Originally formed back in 2016, they returned in 2018 with some new faces, sounding bigger, better and bolder and oozing rock ‘n’ roll soul that the genre desperately longs for.
The band’s influences range from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, to Sly & the Family Stone and The Violent Femmes.
The band recorded their debut EP ‘Run The River’ at Red City Recordings in Manchester. Their first single Black Diamond Eyes was released on Saturday 13th April at the launch of Warrington venue LiveBar, and were joined by Sky Valley Mistress who described the night as “rock n roll done right.”
Their debut EP ‘Run The River’ was released on 29th June 2019, with the EP showing the band’s range of influences and sounds across its four tracks. Talking of the opening track ‘Sixty Two’, vocalist Liam Rimmer says, “Sixty Two for me was one of those songs that seemed to effortlessly fit right. I remember the moment it came together, practising in our old practice rooms where Filthy Tricks initially grew. The guitar intro which Gerard came up with seemed to instantly hit me and I, after a few bars, came into spitting lyrics over the riff. The ones that still stand in the song today. From that point onwards and if you’ve ever been involved in music you just know you’re onto something special when a song comes together effortlessly.”
Filthy Tricks have been gigging for less than 12 months but have already gained a lot of attention for their energetic performances. As well as headlining shows close to home at LiveBar, Fat Cat Ballroom and The Lounge in Warrington, they’ve also headlined Night & Day Cafe in Manchester and Liverpool’s Jimmy’s and Zanzibar. After their set at Warrington Music Festival, Mike Bee (guitarist of Winachi Tribe) described the lads as a “power house of a band!”
Drummer Chris Peake also comments on the EP release, saying, “The initial response to the EP has been great and ‘You Call The Shots’ seems to be a firm favourite at the moment, which I didn’t expect for some reason. Even the response to the artwork we launched a few days before the EP was great. Luke Saxon let us use the image from one of his awesome photography projects and I’m glad that fans have seen and appreciate it in the same way we do, I felt it suited us and this EP to a tee.”
Recording the EP was the band’s first time in a proper studio environment. “It certainly didn’t disappoint,” Liam says. “Feeling, I must admit, slightly anxious at the thought of “this is it”, the money, the effort, the tears, the arguments the laughter all leading to this moment was a chance to put all that emotion and hard work into a selected few tracks over the coming days we had in the studio. To me, we were meant to do this. It was heaven.”
“Dave at Red City brought out the best in the songs and was on the same wavelength as us from the get go,” Chris adds. “His meticulous work ethic had us working hard to perfect every note for the recording, which has shone through in the finished songs, but it also helped us improve our live performances of each song as well. The run up to recording was hard graft but fun nonetheless, organising and putting on lots of gigs ourselves to cover practice room costs and save up for the studio time, but coming out the other side and hearing such positive comments about the EP is a great feeling and has shown hard work pays off. We’re looking to push the EP out as far and wide as we can now so hopefully more people can enjoy listening to it, as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.”