Grove Street

Hailing from Southampton, UK, Grove Street blend elements of hardcore and thrash that gives a heavy nod to the sound of late 80's/early 90's crossover. Originally a fun project between mates, the band have garnered a reputation as a must-see live act, having already toured with legendary bands such as Agnostic Front, GWAR and Sick of It All, as well as making major festival appearances at the likes of Download and Boomtown.
Their signing to UNFD marks a new chapter for the band as they take a step on a new path, with their debut LP "The Path to Righteousness" “Grove Street becoming a part of UNFD felt like it was meant to happen,” says vocalist Sully. “A label that fully believes in us and wants to nurture our growth as a band is a rare thing to be seen. This band started out as fun between friends, we never had any expectations of reaching the levels we have and with UNFD behind us we can push those levels even further.”

Event Details

Date Thursday, 1st August
Doors 19:00
Ticket Price £12
Door Price £15
Room L1
Age 14+

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Grove Street

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