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Since 2010, Toy have earned a reputation as a band of integrity, virtuosity and taste, with Tom,
Maxim, Dominic, Charlie and (joining in 2015) Max creating a sound that is embedded in the
underground tradition, yet distinctly their own. Since their inception, they have released the acclaimed
albums Toy (2012), Join The Dots (2013) and Clear Shot (2016), and toured everywhere from Serbia
to China. Their fourth album, Happy In The Hollow, is entirely uncompromising: an atmospheric
capturing of a state of mind that touches on Krautrock, electronic dissonance and psychedelic rock
while building its own reality and inviting us in. When you look at Toy’s background, their journey
down this road less travelled begins to make sense.
Having all met in London and sharing a love of Nuggets-style garage, post punk, acid folk and other
buried treasures of late 20th century music Tom Dougall, Panda Barron, Dom O’Dair, Charlie Salvidge
and Spanish keyboardist Alejandra Diez started as TOY in 2010. Diez later decided to leave, Max
Claps of the Proper Ornaments joined, Toy spent a few years living together in a semi-derelict house
in New Cross, got a new manager and a new home on Tough Love Records, and expanded their
musical vision…


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