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Jamie Lenman is best known as the singer, guitarist and songwriter for underground heroes Reuben, who toured and released relentlessly for most of the noughties. Their combination of brutal riffs, heartfelt melodies and frank, intelligent lyrics, together with their explosive live shows and innovative promo videos won them a hard core of dedicated fans and respect amongst peers and critics alike.

In 2011, after over a year without playing any music, Lenman began working on an ambitious double solo album of folk/blues and thrash metal, which was released on Xtra Mile in 2013 to critical acclaim. After a dazzling live tour featuring a three-piece brass section, Lenman returned again to his illustration work and began recording new music with Prodigy and Idles producer Space in his Guildford hideout.

He shortly signed with indie giants Big Scary Monsters and released his sophomore record ‘Devolver’ to widespread praise, following a lengthy and innovative pre-order campaign, and heralded by a sold-out mini festival entitled ‘Lenmania’.

During two years of touring the UK and Europe in support of the record, Lenman released a double A side single which went to number one in the UK vinyl chart, as well as the double album ‘Live At St Pancras’, before returning to the studio.

The result, released in the summer of 2019 on Big Scary Monsters, is ‘Shuffle’ – fourteen reinterpretations of famous and not-so-famous music, movies, books games and tv. Lenman will be bringing Lenmania 2 to the outdoor festival 2000 Trees in July, preceded by a mini-tour.

Fast forward to 2020 after a hugely successful tour in November 2019, here are some words from Jamie himself:-

“I don’t need to remind anyone what a shitty year it’s been, or how many of us are still scrabbling round trying to work out how we can live under these daunting and unstable conditions. I’ve been trying to find some solutions regarding how to keep myself and the creative industry going and I’m sad to say that, six months in with little to no help from the powers that be, I’m still no closer.

SO in the absence of any definite plan, I’m going to do some shows, wherever will have me and wherever is safe. If we can adhere to the local guidelines and still get enough people in to make it work, I’ll bring my guitar and sing some songs. Everything is so fluid at the moment that some of them might get cancelled, some of them might pop up at short notice, and we’ll all just have to go with the flow.”