The Bites

Newly signed to earache records - hollywood party rock - n - rollers the bites.

The bites are a new band, primed to drop jaws with their monster hybrid of breath taking garage rock rhythms, gargantuan choruses that stay in your head for days, an unashamedly retro style and, above all, their dedication to creating party-starting vibes at their gigs. For the bites, every show is an excuse to party!
Coming later in 2023, their debut album 'squeeze' resurrects the style, hop and swagger of early rock'n'roll, displaying the no-nonsense attitude of the hives, and is divinely inspired by the sheer recklessness of Motley Crue.
No 80s throwbacks, the bites were founded in 2019 by ever-effervescent frontman Jordan Tyler, as he watched his profile on tiktok blow up with over 2.2 million views of his classic rock covers, so he felt compelled to complete a line up with the addition of la drummer and producer extraordinaire Mark Hylander. The duo are joined by guitarists Dustin Coon and Jono Richer, and bassist Zack Currier to round out the sound.

We built this band on authenticity. Everything we do, from the songs, to the stage, to the way we dress, is just genuinely who we are and how we operate. We don't have to try or go out of our way to be rock and roll, we just do what we do and the end result is vicious, Jordan testifies. File under and for fans of: Greta van fleet, dirty honey and the struts.

Event Details

Date Sunday, 3rd December
Doors 19:00
Ticket Price £10
Door Price £13
Room L1
Age 14+

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The Bites

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