The Deadnotes

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Picking up their instruments at just 14 years of age, The Deadnotes journey through the DIY-leagues of underground punk has seen them play shows in no less than 25 European countries. Their dogged determination, and sincere brand of emo-infused indie-rock garnering widespread praise along the way.
However, such a keen commitment to a life on the road isn’t without its pitfalls, and it often takes a toll on personal lives, as Darius explains:
“Touring can be difficult on relationships and friendships. I found myself in some moments wondering how love would behave in a complete vacuum. What if it was detached from everyone’s socialisation, lifestyles, and everything else that shapes us? It wouldn’t be so reliant on our pasts, and we could only experience it in the present moment. Would it be the greatest thing ever, so pure, or so overwhelming that it would fall apart and become meaningless? Deer In The Headlights is dedicated to these questions and the simple feeling of being madly in love.”
The Deadnote’s touring plans were brought to an abrupt halt as the world struggled to contain the pandemic in 2020. This respite from the road eventually bore fruit though, with the group turning inwards to explore new influences from a broader spectrum of music: “It would have been a very good time to write emo songs, but we deliberately wanted to do the opposite. We experimented sonically, but tried to keep a grip on our sense of humour at the same time” adds Darius.
Blowing away the cobwebs with a run of summer shows, The Deadnotes are set to resume their touring schedule with extensive European touring and select UK international dates just announced.